Win Shopbop Shopping Spree

Win $500 Shopbop Shopping Spree

Be the first

Help us get Sweee started by contributing. Be the first to share fashion, reviews,
and more. It’s like being the first one on the dance floor.

Your reward

For every contribution you make, you earn entries into a drawing to win a $500
shopping spree at


1) You need to create a Sweee account so you get credit for your contributions.

2) Drawing to be held when 500 clothing reviews (of reasonable quality) have been created by the combined community.

3) Contributions and the entries they earn are the following:

    5 entries Create your Shape Profile
    5 entries Get the Sweee Talk Button and save an image to your Style Library
    3 entries Create a clothing review* (review your favorite jeans, shirt or dress, for instance)
 3 entriesEmail* Tell us where things don't work & ideas to improve
    2 entries Answer a question in a post*
    2 entries Add a new image to Sweee*
  *Do these things as many times as you like for many entries.

 How to get started

Step 1: Create a Sweee account.
Step 2: Create your Shape Profile by entering your height and selecting a body shape. Earn 5 entries!
Step 2: Get the Sweee Talk Button so you can share fashion while browsing any website. Earn 5 entries!
  You can also:
- Add images to your Style Library
- Create reviews (and see reviews by people your shape)
- Ask questions and share fashion with people your shape
Step 4: Watch a few short videos to learn how Sweee makes it easy to to discuss, browse, review and buy fashion.
Then start creating collecting images, creating clothing reviews, and discussing fashion. Good luck!